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Welcome to our online registration section! Here you may sign-up for our leagues and/or camps by registering and paying online. We use Paypal as our method of payment, which you'll be directed to near the end of the registration process. Please fill out all information accurately and complete all the steps to follow the registration process to its completion. At the end, you will receive notification that payment has been made, and you will also receive an email confirmation of your signup.

We are currently accepting online registration for the following locations / leagues:
  • Virrick Gym/South Miami-Fall Adult Basketball League 2017
  • Doral-Southern Command Tournament
  • Miami Lakes-Adult Leaugue
  • Pembroke Pines-Sports Camp
  • Virrick Gym/South Miami-Adult Corp Bball
  • Virrick Gym/South Miami-Team Deposit (Non Refundable)
  • Miami Lakes-Summer Adult Basketball League 2018
  • Virrick Gym/South Miami-Fall Youth Basketball League
  • Virrick Gym/South Miami-Youth Team Fee
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